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The Web Journey

Not long ago, the class were given the task to create a website. With the professor’s guidance we were able to begin the process of creating. So far, it’s been a great experience to be able to create something of my own.

When I’m not in this blog, which is the majority of time, I usually navigate the web by myself. The sites that i regularly use are for studying and or entertainment. Normally I use sites like, YouTube, Crunchyroll, Netflix and Google for work related information and sometimes Google Drive. Honestly, now days I can’t imagina a life without internet honestly. It has impacted society in many positive ways.

Up next, just a few contents of how much the web has affected my life: enjoy 🙂

«INTERNET EXPLORER» by Ella Zheng is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

The reason why this picture was chosen, is because this is a pretty well made visual of how I see the internet. A big colorful space were you can create wonderful things as well as share them.

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