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Nicole is a 18 year old puerto rican media creator CEO of Dreality Studios. She studied in a military school since Kinder-garden. Being involve in the military environment she obtained ranks such as MAJ (Major), LIEUT COL (Lieutenant colonel), COL (Colonel). However she never envisioned herself being part of any branch of military in her future. Since she was a baby the world of arts and entertainment has always followed her. She participated in contest such as Idol Kids Puerto Rico, Miss Puerto Rico Teen 2017 and more. Even tho she was exposed in front of the lenses she felt confused because she thought that was what she wanted, it was her last year of High School that she realized that her true passion was not just being in front of the lens, but working at behind the scene. She wanted to create and share her visions, her stories, her dreams with the world.

Once she realized what she wanted to do, she enrolled in the best university her country had in the field she chose Digital Production at University of Sacred Heart. On the her first semester she was given an assignment where she had to contribute something new to society. It made her realizes that maybe she could start her own production company, and so it began. The name Dreality was created by a mixture of reality and dream, she wanted that the name of her company could represent her mission with the company, which is to make our visions (or dreams) into reality. This means that in this company we are transporting mental images into a creative audiovisual reality where it could be shared with the world.

This project is still a work in progress, but everyday is a new window towards more learning experiences that will help no only the company grow but as her as a individual. So stay tuned for more Dreality!

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