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Gallery Art

The Apotheosis of Hercules
By: François Lemoyne

Since the world is in complete lock down, I decided to do a little trip around the world and visit some museums! I came across numbers of paintings and on of them was this one right here. This picture kind of reminds me of Ariana Grande’s music video God is a woman, due to the renaissance theme. In this painting they are gathering to see the Apotheosis of Hercules.

If you wish to see more painting like this , here is the link to my gallery!



For this assignment we were given the task to create GIFS from movies of our choice. For this I choose «Alita: battle of the angel» and «The Greatest Showman». These two movies are my favorite. The movie «Alita: battle of the angel» shows how a cyborg girl discovers herself and chooses to be a warrior and be brave, I admire this message. «The Greatest Showman» expresses the importance of family and the determination of having a dream and make it come true, this message inspires me to pursue my dreams and face any obstacle with optimism. Here are the GIFs that I made from some of my favorite scene of each movie.

Animated GIF

I choose this scene because it really caught off guard! Love the way the man was so confident to hurt and intimidate. her, but she turnes the tables around!

Animated GIF

This scene was really emotional for me. Even though she is in pain due to loosing her lover there is no time to feel sad. She is turning pain into power!

Animated GIF
The Greatest Showman

As a dancer this whole scene was very fascinating to watch. To see how with they’re dancing and doing trapeze tricks they are communicating, sure they are singing but if you look close to the dance you can see the story of this two characters relationship.

Animated GIF
The Greatest Showman

This is in the last scene of the movie where Barnum passes his dream, his legacy, his creation to Philip after everything they went through. Now Barnum will as he says «watch my girls grow up».


For #inf115 class we were assigned a really creative activity that envolved around social media, specifically instagram. The 1st task was to create a post gallery on instagram, we were given the freedom to choose our own themes. For this I chose the theme of fashion, I wanted to enhance the fashion industry and the current trends but also give a message about confidence and how that influences on your style! If you wish to see my participation on this 1st task here is the link —> Fashion Trends.

Our 2nd task consisted of posting instagram profiles that inspired us and had a theme. For this task I chose to go with the theme of things that represent me with a color aesthetic theme as well. I posted 6 different profiles, if you wish to see my participation on this 2nd task here is the link —> Inspiring Profiles

Last but not least, we are keeping our audience up to date with our current lives in quarantine. For this we are posting daily on instagram what are we doing to keep our mind sane until this pandemic leaves 🙂 Here is the instagram where I’ll be posting. Remember to stay inside and be safe 🙂


Here I’ll provide you with different influencers with great fashion styles! Enjoy

@niki // Orange Feed // #model #fashion
@nintendo.grl // Game // #Pink #Aesthetic
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@lalalalisa_m // Photography // #White #Aesthetic
@arianagrande // Video // #Black #Aesthetic
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i miss everything… hope everyones hanging in there

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@billieeilish // Music // #Green #Aesthetic
@susiemeoww // Dance // #Blue #Aesthetic

*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ FASHION TRENDS *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Fashion is the art of expressing yourself through what you wear. What I love about fashion is the diversity and creativeness it shows. The key to rocking any style in the world is to have confidence. Every body is different and unique and therefore is BEAUTIFUL. Be proud of your sense of style and don’t be afraid to show the world the best version of yourself. In this post I’ll be sharing some instagram post of some fashion styles that inspire me and hopefully inspire you as well.

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. 여러분 남친룩 내가 입을게

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