Internet Privacy

Ok lets get serious for a minute, the internet is a wonderful space wee people can create different things and explore. However, it’s not all peaches and cream. Just as you have access to this plataform all sorts of people also have access, including hackers. Hackers are people that use the internet to harm and take advantage of people. Different things that are dangerous in the internet can be; deep face, scam, steeling identity, etc… Let’s dig in into each one of this problems.

Deep face, according to our informatics class this is when hackers use a video of a person and change their faces to someone else’s. This can cause a problem because it can make something that is not real make it look real. For instance, if you’re in an interview and it’s being recorded, a hacker can switch your face with someone else’s, and not only your face but also your voice to. 

Scams. According to Scams are a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value. We sometimes receive scams trough our computer when entering a website or on your phone when you receive a call. We must be cautious and ignore nor write valuable information while entering on a suspicious website or phone call.

Tips to know if your website is secure:

  • make sure it has at the beginning https <—- that «s» at the end let’s us now this site is secured.
  • click on the little lock next to the link and look for the certificate. That’s also a sign that it is safe

It is very important to know that yes the internet has brought us so many things and sometime feel that we can share everything on it. But we must very careful because no matter how much security the internet can offer us, we must never forget it, doesn’t guarantee us 100% of privacy.

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